"A corpse, should be left well alone. Oh, I know very well how the secrets beckon so sweetly. Only an honest death will cure you now. Liberate you from your wild curiosity."

My name is Langley. I'm not a very hard person to get along with, I would say that I am very sociable and friendly if you're not white. My lifelong obsessions are: bloodborne, bully, and postal...
If you asked me what kind of person I am, I would say that I am somewhat of an Optimist-Nihilist-Pessimist. I have a very negative outview of the world, yet I refuse to let the fact that things will never change ruin my perception of the future and the possibilities that it brings. I am very outspoken on politics, specifically economic, social and everything in between, and the easiest way to start a conversation with me is to either bring up race politics or the state of change in the United States

Classical Art
Snakes & Beetles
Marine Biology
Art History
White AFAB Nonbinaries
White gays
Anyone difining themselves by generation
Johnny Depp dickriders
Resellers & Flippers
Lemon Demon listeners

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Asuka Langley Soryu

Lapis Lazuli

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